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BIO declares QUEEVA “a viral sensation” who is an “angelic-sounding songbird” which is flattering to the songstress but she just sees herself as a normal teenager. “I love making music that people can relate to and feel comforted by,” says the 19-year old with a gift for penning heartfelt lyrics. “I love that music is a universal language and I am so grateful I can share my songs with others, no matter their age.” 

Raised in Chicago, Queeva began captivating large crowds from a young age. At only 7 years old she began winning singing competitions in LA and by 9 was professionally recording the songs she was writing. From first place to appearing on Nickelodeon Music, Queeva is no stranger to hard work. 


Queeva’s music loving family raised her with influences like Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton and Randy Travis all of which she credits with shaping her unique sound.  Even at an early age, she gravitated towards country music’s greatest storytellers, artists able to illuminate the human experience in song. “When I was three-years-old, I was able to learn complete lyrics to songs,” she says. “I knew many of Dolly Parton’s songs because that’s all I listened to. My favorite being ‘Coat of Many Colors.’”

Currently Queeva is one of the most talked about emerging artists in Nashville, where she spends a great deal of time writing and recording. “I love writing because I’m able to be creative and collaborative,” she confides. “I love seeing a song come to life. It is such a great feeling to be able to build a song and say what you want to say.” 

Performing live is another favorite of the multi-talented teen. “I love to share my music with others, meet fans and get their feedback on what they like.” Some of her favorite performance spots are Nashville's popular Whiskey Jam and The Hard Rock Cafe CMA Fest show.   

Queeva’s current single, “Breaking My Heart” is getting applause from fans and critics alike. The song takes the listener on a journey through the battles of a breakup with a yearning to be free from the shackles of heartache. Written by Queeva, Brandon Darcy and Ryan Garrett, the single shares the gut-wrenching tale of the end of a relationship through the eyes of the brokenhearted. With lyrics that unlock our most intimate emotions Queeva has been able to strike a chord with listeners. The companion music video is airing on 

This year, Queeva is gearing up to release new music that her fans will be sure to love. With lyrics rich in emotion and visuals that further engage the audience, her passion for music is evident in each song she creates. CelebMix adds, “QUEEVA’s passion for music is inspiring, and her desire to keep growing and improving is something that fans can look forward to in her future releases.” Be on the lookout for Queeva’s latest releases by following her on socials @queevamusic. 


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